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Why Event Aid- Market Leaders in assisting your organization raise funds through unique auctioning methods

Event Aid are the market leaders in assisting organizations at raising funds through unique auctioning methods. We have over 40 years of combined experience and the Event Aid team are dedicated to work closely with you and your organization to provide unique auction items and get you the best results. We have helped hundreds of Charities, Community Groups and Sporting Clubs to get the most out of there fundraising event.

Most importantly no fundraiser is too big or too smallas we offer the same personal service to every client with our number one priority being to raise the maximum amount of funds for you. Formed in 1996 Event Aid has helped organizations raise over $10 million dollars, something we are very proud of. No matter where you are located in Australia we can offeryou our full list of services for your event.

As they say, “a picture tells a thousand words” and we have put together this small DVD presentation to show you just what we can do!

With our expert team, professional approach, knowledge, and free fundraising consultations we can back up our claim of being the market leaders in Event Fundraising. On average our client profit success rate is between 50 – 70% of auction items we supply and as all these items are consigned to your organization with no upfront cost. It is impossible for you to loose. We are confident we can assist you to raise more funds than any of our competitors and we have the figures to prove this. By using our unique auctioning methods and state of the art framing techniques, your function will be a huge success.

The only cost to you is the phone call to us, we take care of the rest and make your fundraising event a profitable success.

A Quality Fundraising Auctioneer is the Key to your Success

We all know how important a live auction is at your event. A live auction has been proven to bring in over 50% of your total revenue from the night, with so much riding on this part of the event a quality fundraising Auctioneer is vital to your success. Unlike our competitors Event Aid supply in house Auctioneers free of charge when booking our services, these Auctioneers specialize in fundraising auctions are the best in the business and will not let you down.

Unique Auctioning Methods

Having over 40 years of combined fundraising auctioning experience we have seen a lot of auctioning methods come and go and we truly believe we have all the systems necessary to make your event succesful. Talk to us about our ballot bidding, electronic systems and live auctioneers. We’ll help you raise those valuable funds and get the most out of your event.

Framing of your donated items:

Do you want to turn that unframed donated item into a unique collectable come auction time. Event Aid have proven results that if items are framed and presented in the correct manner they will generate a lot more funds for your event rather than if they were auctioned unframed. Event Aid can offer exclusive fundraising framing packages for all fundraisers and we’re happy to consider donating framing as sponsorship when involved with your event.

Other Services & Benefits when using Event Aid

  • Mobile EFTPOS facilities provided, no money collection hassles during or after the event – full use of ourcredit card facilities. (a 2.5% fee applies to all Eftpos transactions)
  • Free set up of items prior to function – both live and silent auctions with all paperwork provided including silent auction bidding sheets and Live auction collection sheets.
  • Full itemized profit report provided post function and profit paid direct to organization once funds have cleared usually within 72 hours.
  • Shipping service provided for all interstate and international guests that are in attendance to function (winning bidder pays these fees if shipping is required)

Welcome to Event Aid

Event Aid are the market leaders in assisting your organization raise funds through unique auctioning methods.

  Phone call support (02) 4227 4199, or drop us an email at troy@eventaid.org