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Specialized Auctioneers - We all know how important a live auction is at your event

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We all know how important a live auction is at your event. A live auction has been proven to bring in over 50% of your total revenue from the night and with so much riding on this part of the event a quality fundraising auctioneer is vital to your success. Unlike our competitors, Event Aid supply specialized fundraising event auctioneers free of charge when booking our services, these auctioneers specialize in fundraising auctions and are the best in the business. They won’t let you down at the most important time of the event.

Why use a Specialized Fundraising Auctioneer ?

A lot of fundraisers are happy to use Real Estate Auctioneers to auction their main items and after sometimes receiving average results often question themselves and the items supplied. Ask yourself a simple question – would you employee a specialized Livestock Auctioneer to auction off your home? The same principle applies with Fundraising Events, to get the best results then the use of a Specialized Fundraising Auctioneer is a must.

Event Aid have a number of auctioneers available and are willing to supply them at no charge to your event when using our services.

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