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Fundraising Tips and Ideas - We are happy to share everything with you

Event Aid are often asked for tips and ideas on how events can raise more funds. We are happy to share everything with you and below you’ll find a list of the most important tips we can give to Fundraisers. We have also included a recent article an auction hits and misses which gives you a good indication on what raises funds at your event.


• PALM your Silent and Live Auction Items

Presentation – Each item needs to be clean, free from dust and have no scratches or marks. Items should be displayed with easles or stands and ensure adequate lighting.
Authenticity – Ensure all the items you are auctioning are authentic as your name or organization is being represented. You should have a COA displayed with each item.
Location – Items need to be displayed close to where guests can view them through the entire event, you won’t make much money if the items are in a separate room to the event.
Marketing – All bidding forms should be printed in colour with images of products and full descriptions. A great way to market live auction items is to create a booklet for each guest.

• Live Auctions are Entertainment

Live Auctions not only raise over 50% of your profit for your event but they are also a great source of entertainment. A live auction will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and will not only raise you dollars but saves you spending them on entertainers.

• A good MC is a must at your next Fundraiser

Not only is a good MC funny and entertaining keeping guests informed throughout the entire night of the proceedings, they also remind guests of the Auctions and procedures. It is Important that the MC advertise the auction 3 or 4 times throughout the event , this is particularly important nearing the end of the Auction so that guests are informed of the closing time and payment procedures

• Consignment items raise more money

Research has shown that by auctioning ‘current’ and ‘topical’ items, you’ll have more success and raise more funds. Guests at your event are looking to donate to your cause and show support but they also are looking for that unique item that no one else has and can’t be purchased retail. The majority of items supplied on consignment by Event Aid are produced specifically for the fundraising market and are not offered for retail sale.

• Frame your donated items

Events often get a number of sporting and music items donated like shirts, bats, balls, or guitars. These items will raise you a lot more money on the day if framed professionally by a memorabilia specific framing company. Event Aid does all there framing in house and can often get framing donated to your event when using our services.

• Credit Card / Eftpos Terminal

When selecting your venue ensure it has either and ATM or a phone line to connect your Eftpos terminal. Guests will often spend more money on items when they can use some form of card as payment. By having these facilities available it reduces the need to invoice and collect payments after the event which is often costly and time consuming. Event Aid can supply a mobile Eftpos terminal when using our services at your event.

• Package up smaller donations

Events often get donated a wide variety of gift vouchers such as gym passes, restaurant vouchers and overnight hotel stays. Instead of trying to auction these individually a good tip is to create a ‘Package’ by using a few different vouchers. For example you may have a number of restaurant vouchers so create a ‘My Restaurant Rules’ Package comprising of all the vouchers. Yo’ill be surprised how successful this can be.


An recent article in the March 1 Charity Auction Newsletter claims that professional services, household ‘treasures’, apparel and consignment jewellery aren’t the best things to include in a silent auction. It also says that the return on silent auction items should be 65-75 percent. No quibble there, but check out the following lists and see how they compare to success (or failure) rates at your recent events.



Always a poor seller at every auction. Here we include the accountant, lawyer, hair dresser, manicure and pedicure, designer consultations, training and workout sessions, facial and leg laser treatments, and other similar services. When people attend your event they are dreaming about purchasing that exotic getaway or that treasured signed item not about doing a workout or visiting the accountant.


This category includes all fashion, apparel, clothing, jewellery and similar decorative items. If the items are attractive and can be tastefully displayed, it can produce fair results. Unfortunately, all too often this category becomes a depository of small, unattractive items and notions that take up considerable space and produce poor results.

Home & Garden

This category is filled with household treasures, unwanted gifts, donations from stores and dealers, candles, nick-knacks and a huge assortment of items. Far too often the attractive items are lost in a sea of donations.
This is usually the largest category and one that takes up the most space, yet the return is rarely there.

Consignment Jewellery

This category has become increasingly popular at large auctions. To many committeesthink it seems to be an easy way to get a large number of attractive items. The problem is that ladies look and look and often d on’t buy, often distracting them from bidding on other items.



Please try and remember that the male side of the family is an important part of the bidding process. Most committees consist of females and they often overlook that if the male is happy bidding, he will encourage his mate to be active as well. More importantly, men tend to be far more impulsive in their bidding than their female counterpart. Nothing has proven to sell better at an auction than sporting memorablia.

Hotels, Trips & Vacation Homes & Restaurants

All those exotic places you always wanted to visit and dine at but never got around to going! Near and far, vacations are a sure winner. Combine hotels with restaurants and theatre events to make for a romantic weekend.


Gather your most creative volunteers and fashion beautiful baskets out of your smaller donations. Take great care to make their presentation as professional as possible and label them clearly stating their contents.

Men’s Toys

Electronics, gadgets, toys, games, golf equipment, fishing tackle all appeal to the man in audience and encourage him to bid.

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